Common Misconceptions About Twitter

Common Misconceptions About Twitter

I love Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc. I may not be the most interesting person or have the most followers, but it’s all about the experience of updating my status etc that makes it fun for me. Makes me feel important, I suppose. Anyways, I always find it quite funny that most people feel Twitter is a means to update the world for when they go to the bathroom. Good news: it’s much more!!! Almost everyone who doesn’t use Twitter always says they don’t, or won’t, because they remark about how they don’t want to read about “Oh, I’m taking a crap.” then a few minutes later “I just flushed, but it still smells in here.” then, “I sprayed air freshner bur it only made things worse.”

Good news… You’re not the only ones who don’t like to read about that stuff. Just about all of Twitter would agree with you on that. By the way when I am referring to Twitter I really am referring to any social networking site with status updates, etc, whatever your favorite would be.

It’s really cool because it’s an avenue to share your thoughts, random happenings, questions, comments, opinions, etc with lots of people. Observe trends, even hear about news before it hits CNN. It’s actually how I found out that we’d lost Michael Jackson.

Anyways, give Twitter (or any social networking site) a shot, it’s more than just a list of potty updates!


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