Bring back the damn towels

Bring back the damn towels

I miss those paper towel dispensers from the public restrooms. You know the kind I mean, the one with the newspaper-like half-paper/half-somethingorother towel-like linen-esque thing dangling beneath it, awaiting your rip. You just walk up and snatch a piece to dry off your dripping hands. Nothing is more annoying than to have dripping hands. Your hands are sopping wet, you really can’t do much of anything else. Anything you touch will get wet, you’ll leave a liquid trail wherever you go. We can’t have that.

But now, in the spirit of being “Green”, and being more eco-friendly, the dangling paper purveyors have given way to…the giant air-blower dryer things that don’t do the job nearly as well!!!! It takes minutes to dry your hands with one of these, rather than seconds. That’s huge. 3 minutes versus 10 seconds? And that’s not all. The stupid things are on timers, the length of which is clearly not long enough to dry your hands completely in the first place!!!

If we’re recycling just about everything under the sun, what’s to say we couldn’t recycle the paper towels used in the bathroom and melt/mix/mash them into more paper towels? Do wereally have to subject ourselves to wasting more time in the bathroom when we’re already done with our business? Think about it. What else could we possibly do in a bathroom once we’ve made our deposit and washed up? There’s really nothing left to do, but once we’ve got wet hands we’re stuck there for another short time. I’m surprised there aren’t ads up on the walls of the bathroom near the hand dryers. It’s prime real estate when you think about it; it’s a wall that people have to look at, because there’s nothing else we could possibly look at while standing there during the 2-3 cycles of the timed hand dryer. Really.

It’s free advertising. Let’s also think about target market. Who would a bathroom wall appeal to? Who visits a bathroom on a regular basis? Moreover, who washes their hands? Hopefully everyone, but if there’s an interesting ad on the wall maybe it will make people want to wash their hands just to spend the extra few minutes reading the ad. Maybe it can be a means to promote washing our hands and not spreading nasty germs in the surrounding area to your bathroom of choice.

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