Ethics, or lack thereof.

Ethics, or lack thereof.

I need to vent about something that, frankly, I feel shouldn’t even be the problem that it is. It’s one of those situations that, if the people involved could step back and watch others in the same scenario, would agree that it’s nothing short of pathetic.

What am I talking about? Common courtesy and ethics. Where are they nowadays when it comes to interpersonal electronic contact? GONE.

I will not say that I am an exception to this, I freely admit that sometimes I fall short and don’t deliver, but I own up to it. I’ll never leave someone for days without some kind of response when they contact me. I always try to acknowledge the fact that someone took the time to reach out to me, and that I recognized that fact, even if I can’t respond right away, because it’s courteous.

I love text-messaging for some times, and I completely loathe it or the others. It’s great for quick on-the-go messages but it’s completely hideous for conversation. Even moreso it is terrible for communication, and makes it much to easy for messages to fall through the cracks. Tons of opportunities could go missing with texts being ignored, whether they are personal or professional. How hard is it to acknowledge a message, I mean seriously?

Even someone as busy as Donald Trump responds to a message when he gets one. Anything less would be lazy! Nobody can say they are too busy to answer a text!! Especially with practically everyone having some type of “smart phone” in their pocket with their e-mail and messages just a few taps away. There really is no excuse.

In one way, this heightened presence of on-the-go communication helps us see all of our true colors. Where do all of our priorities lie? Do we really care about those who go ignored? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

If this situation comes up with me, and I fail to respond or acknowledge you, I apologize wholeheartedly and invite you to call me out on it. I’ll gladly own up to it and do what I can to make it right. Maybe someone else might follow my example.

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