The letter Q

The letter Q

The letter Q is somewhat of an oddball creature. It’s kind of like an O, but it has it’s own unique twist… literally. It’s an O, with an attitude; it stands out from the crowd as it’s own unique entity. That being said, why is it so hardly used in this alphabet?

It’s definitely got some kind of ‘tude in there, since it goes almost everywhere with its significant other, the letter “U”, which is starting to become one of the most over-used letters of the alphabet, since it’s decided to take the place of one of its most common supporters, the word “you”; it’s taken on the job of that entire word just with it’s single-letter presence. That deserves some honorable mention, since it’s probably getting pretty tired of having to strut around next to Q, letting Q take all of the glory.

So, on to Q. We use it at the beginning of so many words; Quick, Quiet, Quell, Quench. We use it in the middle of some words, relinquish, requited, inquire. But, it never finishes a word.Why is that? Just think of all of the possibilities, if the letter Q could round up the end of a word…Throw all that attitude and pizzazz at the very end of a conglomerate of other letters. Just imagine what we can do with that?

I’ll show you!

We could introduce new meanings to otherwise-dull words through the use of creative spelling. In speech the difference would be indistinguishable, but such is the case with words like “meet” and “meat”.

For example, if my pal Adam got a new car, instead of saying “Hey, that’s a nice car.” which is pretty lame, I could say “Hey man, sick ride!” but that, too, is kind of lame. But, let’s add our friend Q, and now we’ve got “Hey man, that ride is siq!”

How cool is that?! I know, it’s pretty siq.

You could even save yourself the extra letter of having to type a “u” after some of those Q’s, not to mention changing “ck” to “q” is going to save you some time too. Add up all of the instances where it will benefit your workflow efficiency, and hey you might even get a whole hour back of your life by the time you’re 90. How siq is that?!

You can use Q in the middle of words too. “How ridiqulous is that? That’s some sliq shit, man!”

Play around with it, I think you’ll see what a vast untapped source of epiqness the letter Q can be, if you start to get a little nuts with it!

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for any students getting points marked off in class for using the letter Q creatively.


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