When’s the last time you told a complete stranger where you lived?

When’s the last time you told a complete stranger where you lived?

You may be reading that title and thinking “What the hell are you talking about?”

I hear this happen all the time, and it’s actually kind of amusing. This can happen anywhere; a bar, a store, standing in line some place, really anywhere you might come into contact with someone whom you’ve never met. I’ll give you an example:

Picture this: You’re standing in line at a store, waiting to pay for something and you notice the person in front of you has the same item you’re getting. You happen to be feeling social, so you strike up a conversation about whatever this product was, how great it is, and how life will be so much better when you take it out of the box. So, the obligatory question of “So where are you from?” comes up, and then you both find out you’re from the same town. Then, what I like to call “The Verbal GPS” comes out. Usually sounds a little bit like this:

“Oh , I live in Anytown.”

“Wow, me too! Whereabouts?”

“Down by the lake, on the south side.”

“Oh that’s so funny, near the boat house?”

“Oh yeah, just go a few blocks past the boat house, I’m the last left before the train tracks.”

“Oh yeah I know that area really well! I grew up there.”

…and so forth. Congratulations, you’ve just told a complete stranger where you live! Granted, things barely ever get any farther than that, but in this day and age where everyone is so protective of their personal information, and identity theft is what it is, it’s just kind of comical how something as simple as this still happens from time to time.

You know you’ve done it….yeah, I have too.

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