Misery loves company

Misery loves company

This is one of my favorite sayings, because it’s completely true, and it’s a bit sad at the same time. Why is it that us as humans have some sort of hidden motivation to “start spreadin’ the news” when bad things happen? What is it that we’re really expecting to transpire by pontificating our maladies to the masses?

In the end, nobody actually cares about how bad things may be going for you right now. What’s more important, however, is being able to ask yourself: What is being done to correct it or fix it yourself? I try to think about why people complain, and I think I just might have an answer: They like to complain about external things because they may have some pent up frustration about something in their life, someone in their life, or themselves. Then, most likely, they want to take it out on something, or someone else entirely. If we, as human beings, would just take the time to really think about what was “wrong”, it’s most likely very simple to fix, or “make right”, often times with minimal effort.

Those who are complaining are the ones most obviously uninterested in learning about making it better, they just want someone else to fix it for them. I believe that would be called lazy by today’s standards. Remember, the grass is always greener, unless you spend your life walking around with dark sunglasses on, which would just make everything look dark and depressing.

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