The why behind the what

The why behind the what

If you couldn’t tell, I love photography. It’s one of my creative outlets, one of my opportunities to let my mind go and capture things I come into contact with in any type of unique way I can imagine. I love the idea of being able to capture a moment, a place, a time, etc. I don’t think I’d ever want to make that my job, because then it would eventually become something that wasn’t fun anymore, it would just become “work”. It’d become less of a creative outlet, and I’d eventually not enjoy it anymore. I’m so passionate about it, that I just don’t ever want that to happen. Photography will always be a hobby of mine, because it’s something that I truly love to do.

I love landscape and nature photography because it takes out the one element that I can’t escape in my day-to-day hustle and bustle: People. Mind you, I’m not antisocial by any means. I love people; I love to interact with them, I love to meet new people, I love to get to know people, but I don’t enjoy photographing them. There’s a lot that comes into play when shooting people, both from a photography/technical side of it but also just the people themselves.

Let’s look at the technical side for just a moment: Studio photography, especially with models, requires the ability to manipulate light in so many different ways in order to get “just the right shot”. There are so many kinds of devices one can use to do so, and a seemingly endless myriad of techniques and skills to learn, and be able to utilize in order to pull it off successfully. While I enjoy the fact that I’m taking pictures, it’s not as fun for me as capturing a beautiful natural landscape.

For the most part, landscape photography can be done with a minimal tool set; a camera, a tripod, and a beautiful scene. Granted there are exceptions to this (filters, reflectors, etc but just humor me here.), but you really don’t need to have all that much with you. Whereas shooting a model on-location would require lighting, stands, softboxes/umbrellas, flash control kits, etc. Lots of extra “stuff”. I’d love to show up to a beautiful spot, take some time to compose my shot, figure out what I want to capture, dial in my settings, and capture the moment.

I can do that by myself, I can work with the light that nature provides, and I can capture it how I see it in my mind. I’m not working under someone’s direction, I’m not going for “a certain look”, I’m taking it for me and nobody else. I’m happy to share my creativity with others, and if they want to reward me for my work, that’s great, but for me it’s rewarding enough to be able to spend quality alone time with nature, and my favorite piece of technology.

Random off-topic rant: Kodak just ceased production on their iconic Kodachrome film, and they had a famous photographer shoot the final roll. If you remember, Paul Simon wrote a song called “Kodachrome” and was offered to be one of the subjects photographed on the final roll. He declined.(Why?!) What an idiot. Being a part of something as historic and significant as this isn’t something you should say “no” to. Robert De Niro was photographed, he didn’t have a problem with it, then again he’s also the man….. it stinks, because I like the song and I want to buy it on iTunes, but I am purposely avoiding it because I don’t want to give Paul Simon any of my money, although it’s not like he’d be out anything significant by my avoiding the purchase; it’s more a principal thing. I also can’t wholeheartedly support a song that says “I’ve got my Nikon camera” – that’s just blasphemy. (j/k). Now if it was “I’ve got my favorite camera” or something else, then I’d consider it, but Paul Simon’s selfish douchebaggery is what might send me over to Limewire if I really want that song in my library. (Granted, I don’t endorse P2P sharing for music, but if I refuse to pay for something and I want it, hey a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do… but then again I do have over 2,000 songs in my library all from iTunes over the course of the last few years…) I digress…I promise.

So yeah, nature and landscape photography is my choice… now let’s see what I can come up with for some shots to corroborate this. Who knows where I’ll be in a year, 5 years, etc. I may become the next ___insert name of famous fashion/people photographer here___…. but for now, give me a lake, stream, forest, or purple mountain’s majesty and I’ll be there with my tripod ready to start clickin’.

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