Apparently I’m popular

Apparently I’m popular

This is no big news, but apparently if you pay bills you’re popular. I’ve had auto insurance with my current provider for a few years now, across a few vehicles as well. I have no intention of changing providers, since I’m quite satisfied with the arrangements I currently have. Yet, I still continue to receive paper mailings from this other provider despite my ignoring them. With the onset of “living green” and trying to conserve, wouldn’t it make more sense for a company to give up after a “lead” doesn’t pan out? I’ve been getting mailings for over a year. I’m sure it wouldn’t save them a ton of money by ceasing just my mailings, but multiply the few cents it might cost by a few thousand, or more, and that may add up to some worthwhile budgetary fortitude.

I also just recently received a paper mailing offering me a great deal on a burial plot. I’m 29, which is apparently old enough to buy one of those. No need to remind me of my increasing age; I feel old, but I don’t feel that old. I’m not sure how this particular provider got ahold of my information. As a matter of fact, it may have been the same folks who got me on the list to receive an AARP card, which I was sent in the mail a few months back. Again, I’m 29.Hopefully plenty of years before retirement, and most certainly plenty of years before needing a burial plot.

suppose I could say I’m content knowing that my information is on file with a few of these services. But, I certainly hope they stop wasting paper on me for the next, oh, 30 years or so. I’m just not interested in thinking about that phase of my life since I have my twenties to finish up, and my thirties to prepare for.

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