Word of the day: Pensive

Word of the day: Pensive

So, I looked up the word “Pensive” in the dictionary, and found it basically means something about being deep in thought, but with an air of depression. I wouldn’t call myself depressed, but I’ve got a lot going on up there. Tons on my mind, but at the same time I can’t always sort it out.

So, if there’s a word that basically means “consumed with thought, concerned about life, and confused about a lot of stuff in general”, I should introduce it into my vocabulary.

I have plenty to work on with myself, and I’ve been making headway with that, thankfully. I’ve got so much more on my plate at the same time, so it doesn’t always feel like I’ve made any progress. Luckily, I know I have, and that’s what’s important, right?

I’m thankful for my support network who has been great with listening to my diatribes and my many bouts of confusing ramblings. It’s all part of my master plan of improving myself, part of the proverbial cake I’m baking… I can’t just buy cake mix, stick it in the oven, and hope for a delicious treat. It takes time to prepare something like that; time and patience.

Good things come to those who wait. I’m an optimist, so I’ll wait.


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