Give Props to Your Docs

Give Props to Your Docs

I was going to tweet this, but I wanted a little bit more room… While getting my periodic tooth cleaning this morning, I couldn’t help overhearing this woman in the next room complaining about every little thing about whatever she was having done to her. Now, granted, I’m no dentist, but it doesn’t take an expert to know when a little common courtesy and respect are necessary. She had the nerve to criticize the doctor, telling him he didn’t put the Novicaine in the right place, he didn’t wait long enough, etc. How rude! I would never make criticisms about things I know nothing about, or a job I was not qualified to do myself. I wouldn’t know where to put Novicaine in someone’s mouth, but I’m sure someone with the experience that this doctor has knows what he’s doing, because he’s dedicated his life to dental care and he’s damn good at it. I was quite tempted to go in there and give that woman a piece of my mind, and tell her to quit being a big baby, but I realized it was none of my business so I just left when I was done.

There’s no rule in any rulebook saying you have to see the same doctor every time anyway, so if you really have an issue with what one says there is always the idea of a second opinion! It happens all the time, and I’m sure doctors encourage it!

I’ve had nothing but great experiences with my dentist, and just about all of the doctors I’ve had to see for that matter. Being in customer service, of any field, it’s more often we hear of the negative comments and experience people have, as opposed to the positive ones. I just wanted to take a brief moment to recognize my appreciation for those doctors who have helped me out. I am grateful for your help!

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