Country Music… Who knew?

Country Music… Who knew?

I love music, this is a given, but I may have found an untapped phenomenal resource for

really well-written songs

… Yes, country music. Probably country-pop more specifically, because I can’t say I’m jonesin’ for some twang right now, but I love a song with great lyrics and that is equally performed with the talent befitting a song of that caliber. Rascal Flatts delivers on that, and I’m in the process of funding a few cups of coffee for them while I’m writing this.

I started a new Pandora station the other day for Rascal Flatts specifically, and I’ve been marking just about all the songs that have come on as a result. Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, phenomenal stuff. I’m interested to check out John Rich’s stuff too, being a fan of The Apprentice and him having won he certainly deserves a listen since I liked the stuff he did sing here and there throughout that show.

If you’ve never used Pandora, you need to. It’s given me a great appreciation for music, even more than what I’ve had my entire life. At first it was funk, then dance music, now country-pop. Who knows what else I’ll find on there?

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