Las Vegas Is One of My Favorite Spots

Las Vegas Is One of My Favorite Spots

Until 2014, Las Vegas really didn’t have much of any appeal to me. I had never been there, and from what I’d seen in the movies I had a fairly blurry view on what it was actually like. Movies portrayed it one way, friends of mine that had visited portrayed it another way.  Right around my birthday in June of 2014, I finally had the opportunity to check it out and see what “Sin City” really had going on.

I was, in a word: Quite surprised. (Yes, I know that was two words, just run with me on this. )

I was very surprised because, despite it’s reputation, this city really has something for everyone. It’s not 100% gambling and casinos. They are a large part of it, for sure, but there’s more to it than that.

If you’re a foodie, there are tons of buffets and restaurants to satisfy even the most critical palate. If you’re looking for entertainment, there’s a list of attractions and shows to appeal to just about any demographic. Since Cirque du Soleil has a huge presence there, and their offerings are quite diverse, you’re bound to enjoy one or more of their resident shows. If anything, the trips to the various casino resorts where the shows live are an experience themselves.

It wasn’t the casinos or Cirque du Soleil that made me finally want to travel there. It was my love of cars that set me over the edge. When I went for my first trip, I saw a few Cirque shows and loved them all, but the true pinnacle of that trip was the chance to drive some of my dream cars around a small race track with a professional racing driver telling me how to go as fast as possible (while being safe, of course.)

I’ve always loved the Audi R8, and they had one I could drive around the track and really put through its paces.

And I did… multiple times.

I’ve been back to Vegas a few times even after that first visit in 2014, and each time I’d always make sure to visit Exotics Racing.  Even if you’re “not a car guy” it’s still worth the experience. There’s nothing better than taking an exotic supercar around a track and feeling the absolute thrill that only that type of experience can deliver. This is clearly one of those things you really should do at least once in your life.

This is all well and good, but after my recent cruise last August, I’m feeling like I want to spend some more time on the high seas before getting back into the driver’s seat of a car like the Audi R8. I’m going to take some time over the next few years and slow down…I need to be pampered; I’m going to enjoy snorkeling in some crystal blue waters, and taking pictures or video of exotic places and creatures I’ve never been before. There are places I’d love to go, but sitting on a plane for 9, 12, or 18 hours just does not seem in any way appealing to me. I understand that long flights are an inevitable part of traveling, but given the choice I’d rather just sit on a plane for a few hours, then get on a ship and leisurely explore some of these new and exotic places. I want to see as much as I can see from the balcony of a cruise ship.

Las Vegas will always be one of my favorite places to go. I’ll visit again, but since it had been almost 15 years since I’d taken a cruise, I’d like to make up for some lost time.


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