Iamjohnbamber…dot com: My Blog’s New Home

Iamjohnbamber…dot com: My Blog’s New Home

Notice anything different?

I’ll give you a hint: Practically everything is different, except for the content that’s been here.

I’ve decided to move my blog over to a new website, and change things up a bit.  Earlier this year, I wrote a post called “Going Public: My Social Media Update” in which I talked about unifying my various usernames on different forms of social media.  I now have the name “iamjohnbamber” on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Periscope, Google+, and now (where it should have been all along), my blog!

I’ve gone for a simpler design as far as the site goes, but there is more happening behind the scenes that will help my blog be visible to more people. To those who have signed up on the old site, I thank you for doing so. Your signup is still valid over here. If you’re interested in signing up to receive my blogs via e-mail, you can always sign up here at this link.

As always, if you enjoy my content and like what I have to say, please share my blog with your family and friends and encourage them to sign up to my e-mail list. I don’t do the spam thing, I just do the “good content and fun stuff” thing.

What’s the address? Just like all of my social media handles, it’s iamjohnbamber.com.

Welcome to my new blog!



2 Replies to “Iamjohnbamber…dot com: My Blog’s New Home”

  1. So you find website more effective/useful than just a blog? I ask because I’ve started writing “stuff” mostly to leave behind ‘my side of the story’ I would think a blog ( for me) would be the thing to do. Appreciate any comment.
    I enjoy reading your posts. It’s like
    Hearing from an old friend and reminds me of our exchanges BOH back in the day.

    1. Absolutely – a blog is a wonderful way to do just that. I found myself reading some old ones I had written many years ago and that’s what got me back into it. If you need a hand setting it up let me know – definitely go with WordPress if you do. Thanks so much for your kind words it’s always great to hear from you! 🙂

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