Less Than One Month Until Cruise Day

Less Than One Month Until Cruise Day

My excitement is building for my trip, I can’t wait! It’s less than a month until I get on board the Anthem of the Seas!

I’ve been doing my research and watching videos about the ship, and it looks like there are a ton of things to do and see onboard.

At the back of the ship is a venue called 270, which has two stories of glass looking out over the rear of the ship. (I’m assuming it has 270 degrees of view? Makes sense… ) It has the North Star, an observation pod that extends up on an arm up to 300 feet above the ship for 360-degree views around the ship.

It even has a Skydiving simulator!!

I’m planning to do it all!

I’ll be writing about it, taking pictures, and posting videos right here on my blog, and over on my Youtube channel.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog here so you don’t miss any updates, and click that “subscribe” button on YouTube to catch all the great forthcoming content!

If you want to follow my live blogs from whatever cruise I’m on at the time, I’ve created a handy link to take you right to that content – it’s johnscruise.live

Also, be sure to follow me on Periscope so you can catch my live streams from the Anthem and also from beautiful Bermuda!

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