Keep It Or Lose It: Update

Keep It Or Lose It: Update

Earlier, I posted about wearing some facial hair.  I’ve never been one to wear a beard/mustache/goatee/etc. I’d tried it once before, by choice. This time around, I had to wear it because a doctor told me I temporarily wasn’t allowed to shave the area.  However, I was given a time frame of 2 weeks in which I couldn’t shave. Tonight is the 13th day, and as the title of the below video states… that was 13 days too many to have facial hair!

So, I present…the answer to the earlier blog post… Clearly, I didn’t keep it!  Watch the video for more!

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  1. With facial hair, for me it’s been all or nothing. I’ve had a goatee before, tried keeping a trimmed short beard, tried to stop shaving all together and the feedback that I get has been to keep it clean shaven or grow it out. The itchiness is overwhelmingly uncomfortable at a certain point and I have to give up. I can’t shave daily or my skin gets really raw. I have to wait about four days to get a good patch of not-too-long beard going. Maybe it’d be different using an electric razor. I never got into that. Always just used triblade disposables (currently the Dollar Shave Club ones).

    1. Right on – If there’s some kind of ointment or cream I can use to keep the itchiness to a minimum I may try it again, but I’ll always prefer the clean-shaven look and feel.

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