Got My First Roll Of Black & White Film Back From The Lab

Got My First Roll Of Black & White Film Back From The Lab

One of the many great allures of shooting film is shooting in black & white. It’s been a very long time since I’d shot actual black and white, as opposed to taking color pictures and removing the color in post-production. The last time I shot anything in black & white was easily 20+ years ago, maybe longer, when I had my Pentax K1000.

I shot a roll of Ilford HP5 ISO 400, which I was told was a good all-around film for getting into this type of photography. For my first roll of non-color in a long time, I’m quite happy. Seeing these pictures is making me want to shoot more of it.

I’ve also learned that one should use filters in front of the lens to increase contrast, so I found a great deal on a few color filters at my local camera shop. I’m definitely excited to shoot more black & white shots.

All of the images below are straight from the camera, no post-processing has been done.


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