It’s not even 5AM yet, and I’m here!

It’s not even 5AM yet, and I’m here!

Bed by 11pm last night, up at 3:15am this morning, parked/checked in/through security and in the United Club before 5AM.

Damn, I’m good.  🙂

TSA PreCheck is truly a beautiful thing. I skipped a line of about 10 minutes wait, and made it to my favorite hangout spot before flights: The United Club.  I made a video about TSA PreCheck some time ago, and more recently another video comparing it to Clear, another security expediting perk. I can’t recommend one or both of these enough; it can make a big difference in your whole pre-flight experience. Since having PreCheck, it’s helped me get through security more quickly which helps to get my trips off to a stress-free start. Travel is supposed to be fun, especially for vacation, right?


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