Cruise Day 4: St Maarten

Cruise Day 4: St Maarten

St Maarten: Such a beautiful place! Now I know why so many love this island.

The weather was, in a word, perfect.

We woke up early and had breakfast in the Windjammer around 8, and met up with family shortly thereafter for some morning shopping. We rode the water taxi to the downtown shopping area (Front Street) where my cousin and I scored some incredible deals on some bling! (Yes, I said bling…)

I’ve never been much for jewelry, but I got a nice chain and titanium ring, which I bought for far less than the respective shops’ asking price. We then headed back to the ship to prepare for our SCUBA adventure.

The SCUBA dive was an incredibly fun experience! I loved it, and want to go for my certification. I think it will be a great thing to have for getting into underwater photography. Our instructor was incredible, and if you ever get to St Maarten, you must dive with Scuba Fun. Our instructor was Max, and with a group of only 4 of us gave us individualized attention and really made the whole experience memorable and safe. I can’t recommend it more highly.

I have (almost) the whole dive on video from cameras that my cousin and I had, so I’ll edit something together and post that after I get home.

After Scuba we had dinner at Giovanni’s Table, which was delicious. We had an early night since we had walked a lot and done the epic dive, but tomorrow we’re in St Thomas for more fun, and perhaps some snorkeling!

Thanks for following along, and if you want to catch some in-the-moment fun be sure to follow me over on Periscope to see live video streams from wherever I am.

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  1. We love the water taxi to front street—-usually get a beach chair unbrella & 3 beers for $10.
    Been to that island a few times. Marigot is a beautiful hamlet on the french side .The crazy beach (right before the runway) is fun to watch ,if you have ear plugs & don’t do anything insane like hanging on the chain link fence.Its a great island for a week, lots of rentals availiable

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