I Ordered A New iPhone, and It’s Not The iPhone X

I Ordered A New iPhone, and It’s Not The iPhone X

It’s Friday, September 15th, and I’m excited!

Apple announced two fabulous new iPhones at their event the other day, the 8 being an upgrade from the 7, and the X being a completely new design. Many folks have been going nuts over the X, but not I.

The iPhone X is pretty… it’s very pretty… but it’s a little bit too different for me to be as excited. 

My biggest hesitation is the heavy dependence on facial recognition: I’m just not sold on it being the new standard in authentication, but I have an open mind. My mind is more open than my wallet, though. I’m looking forward to it’s execution, and seeing how it works as a mass-market thing. I know it’s the direction these things are going, so at some point I’ll be adopting it, but I’m not ready to do so just yet.

The camera improvements are impressive on the iPhone X…for the non-photographer. For those unaware, I’m a photographer. I won’t ever be taking a selfie in which I want to achieve lighting similar to that which I’d use external studio lighting for…using my phone. If I want to take a studio-type of picture, I’m going to use studio-type equipment. It’s nice and convenient to have that functionality, but it’s not the tool I’d choose for that particular shot. 

The price is also a factor as well… I’m not interested in paying that much more for something I’m not that excited about.

These are just my thoughts… It’s a nice phone, and I’m sure whatever follows it will be even better, but it’s not the right tool for me right now.  I’m looking forward to receiving my new iPhone 8 Plus in the coming weeks.

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  1. Interesting thoughts my man! I, too, just ordered an 8 Plus for much the same reasons. I would argue, however, that even for non-photographers the 8 Plus is an excellent choice. It still has depth recognition and studio lighting on the main camera, and compared to my 6 its force touch, dual cameras, improved accelerometer and of course the faster processor will blow my mind enough. Don’t need to drop that extra $400 or whatever for the fancy new X, I’ll wait for them to work the kinks out and add more features. 🙂

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