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There Is Always a Silver Lining

There Is Always a Silver Lining

Every situation, no matter how grim, can be looked at from more than its obvious perspective.

A glass of water: Is it half-full, or half-empty?

My thought: Who cares? If you’re thirsty, you’ve got a glass with water in it. Drink up, quench your thirst, life goes on.

One quality I’m truly grateful to have bestowed upon me from my mother, is her ability to find the good in any situation. Sometimes it’s harder to do, but there’s always a way to look at something in a positive light rather than dwell on the negative, if you’re open to finding that possibility. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting on my couch with one of the worst ear infections I’ve had in my 36 years of life. I don’t know how it happened, but it happened. I can’t change that, but what I can do is change how I feel about it.

Sure, I’m bummed about it. I had to miss out on some things, but something very good did come of this.

For all of my life, I’ve never been able to swallow pills. I’ve tried for many years, and for whatever reason have never been able to get them down. I’d put one in my mouth, and it would swish around. I’d drink water… a little bit, a lot, nothing would help. I’d wind up having to spit the pill out and never be able to get it down. Some medications, which only came in pill form, I’d have to crush up and put into applesauce, even as an adult.

I didn’t want to do this forever, and I was determined to learn how to do this. Everyone else I knew could do it; even people I knew growing up couldn’t, and now miraculously could. I was determined to jump on that pill-popping bandwagon. As it turns out, it was surprisingly easier than I thought.

The problem, at least for me, was simple:  I was overthinking the whole process.

Everyone had told me their various ways of doing it…

“Put the pill in the back of your throat, right on your tongue.”

“Take a little sip of water, and just….*gulp* it down.”

“Just do it.”

So, a little over a month ago I told myself that if anyone else can do it, so can I. I went into the kitchen, got a small cup of water, and popped a Zyrtec pill in my mouth and just swallowed it without giving me enough time to overthink it. Rather than get myself psyched up, I just pop the pill in and swallow it with a little gulp of water. The more relaxed I am, the easier it goes.

I was overjoyed. I then went to the store and picked up a bottle of men’s multivitamins, which were considerably larger than the Zyrtec pill. I tried to take it, and it went down. I can do this!

I tried to take the multivitamin pill again the next day, and the original issue happened. The pill swished around in my mouth and I couldn’t swallow it. I started getting freaked out again, and then sat down to think about it.

I work in technical support, so taking a more analytical and logical thought process to this seemed appropriate: I’ve already proven that I’m physically able to do this – I’ve taken one larger pill and one smaller one and swallowed them without issue, so this confirmed the problem was completely in my mind. I waited a few days, then tried again with a multivitamin – down the hatch.

Fast forward to now…

I have one bottle of liquid, but when I get it refilled I’m going to request it be in pill form… mainly, because the liquid doesn’t taste that great!

I’m fighting an ear infection now so I’m taking two extra sets of pills, but this has been good practice for me to get accustomed to swallowing things whole. I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer need to drink water to get them down. I can put a pill in and swallow it, and just use the water to wash it down, since sometimes it tastes funny just after swallowing it. Not a bad problem to have, if you ask me.

So… the good from the bad… I’ve got a nasty ear infection. My left ear feels like it’s being stabbed with an ice pick… the good: I’ve finally been able to swallow pills, it only took 36 years.

There’s always something good to come from a bad situation: Just look for it. It’s there, and it just might help you get through whatever’s going on and make the experience just a little bit better.


I Ordered A New iPhone, and It’s Not The iPhone X

I Ordered A New iPhone, and It’s Not The iPhone X

It’s Friday, September 15th, and I’m excited!

Apple announced two fabulous new iPhones at their event the other day, the 8 being an upgrade from the 7, and the X being a completely new design. Many folks have been going nuts over the X, but not I.

The iPhone X is pretty… it’s very pretty… but it’s a little bit too different for me to be as excited. 

My biggest hesitation is the heavy dependence on facial recognition: I’m just not sold on it being the new standard in authentication, but I have an open mind. My mind is more open than my wallet, though. I’m looking forward to it’s execution, and seeing how it works as a mass-market thing. I know it’s the direction these things are going, so at some point I’ll be adopting it, but I’m not ready to do so just yet.

The camera improvements are impressive on the iPhone X…for the non-photographer. For those unaware, I’m a photographer. I won’t ever be taking a selfie in which I want to achieve lighting similar to that which I’d use external studio lighting for…using my phone. If I want to take a studio-type of picture, I’m going to use studio-type equipment. It’s nice and convenient to have that functionality, but it’s not the tool I’d choose for that particular shot. 

The price is also a factor as well… I’m not interested in paying that much more for something I’m not that excited about.

These are just my thoughts… It’s a nice phone, and I’m sure whatever follows it will be even better, but it’s not the right tool for me right now.  I’m looking forward to receiving my new iPhone 8 Plus in the coming weeks.

Can I Ask A Quick Favor?

Can I Ask A Quick Favor?

I promise, it’s quick, and will cost you nothing. You’ll be done before you know it.  It’ll actually take you longer to read this (hopefully short) post than actually do what I’m asking. 

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve dusted off my blog over the last few months and have gotten back into it. I really enjoy it; I love creating content. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to only make YouTube videos, or only write blogs, so I’m doing both. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write about or make videos about, so I’m creating my content on just about anything that comes to mind. I have many interests, and am using that as my basis for creating whatever it is I’m creating.

I’m creating this content because I deeply enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with anyone who wants to read about them or watch my videos. That being said, I want to make sure that I’m getting as much exposure as I can, and sharing my material with as many people as possible. The truth is, I can’t do that alone. 

All I ask is that you share my blog and YouTube channel with your friends and family; anyone you think might enjoy what I have to say. I cover a wide range of topics: Taking cruises, Photography Equipment, Life Experiences, Weight Loss, Product and App reviews, just to name a few. One of the reasons I love having a wide variety of material, is it will give my readers and subscribers a chance to see things they may not be familiar with or aware of. 

So, that’s it. I’d be eternally grateful if you could share this post on your social media network of choice, and encourage your friends and families to do the same if you like what I’ve got here on my blog and YouTube channel.  You can find me on all forms of Social Media with the name iamjohnbamber – I couldn’t think of anything else to use, but since this is all about things that interest me why not just be…well…me!

Going Public: My Social Media Update

Going Public: My Social Media Update

If you all couldn’t tell, I deeply enjoy creating content; whether it’s a text post on my blog, taking pictures, recording music, or creating a video of some variety.  As I’d mentioned in my previous “Love Me Some Content” post, I’ve got stuff all over the place, but there was a small problem;  my various usernames didn’t match.

Some places I was jbrecording, referencing my online identity specific to my recording studio and making music. On Twitter, I was MiniCoopJeep, an homage to being the car guy that I am, and I simply used my name on YouTube for my videos up there. There was no cohesion between them, except for one thing. I was the cohesion.

So today, thanks to the help of one of my good friends, I’ve unified my online social media presence and am known with the moniker iamJohnBamber on all of my social media accounts.

So, why the change? Well, I did this change to separate my “public” life from my personal life. I’m not an online celebrity by any means, but I, just like anyone else, have as much of a chance to become one.  Will that actually happen? Who knows? We’ll see.

I’ve even created a public Facebook page so I can keep my personal Facebook content private.  Since I’ve created the public Facebook page, I will no longer be pushing these blog updates to my private Facebook account.  If you would like to follow along with my blogs and videos, you can subscribe here for e-mail updates, or visit my public Facebook page and click the “Like” button.

It looks like 2017 will be a great year, and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.



Happy 2011

Happy 2011

Wow. 2011 is here already, and we’re off to a great start. December was a very busy time for me so my apologies for not keeping up with my posts.

Belated happy holidays and new years to all. I hope the celebrations were safe and fun. For me, it was quiet, and that was the best it could be. Work was nuts, but luckily that crowd has passed, but with recent announcements who knows what new fun is on the horizon. We’ll have to wait and see. One thing’s for certain, I’m very happy with my iPhone and AT&T, so I won’t be switching.

So, this year is going to be pretty cool. Lots of new stuff in the works, and certainly stuff to get back into the blog with:

– I’m wrapping up the production on Faces East’s debut album due at the end of the month. It’s crunch time. Every spare moment of my last few weeks has gone towards this project. Be sure to see us live @ Crash Mansion in NYC on Jan 27th. Details to come.

– I’ll be moving! I’m starting to look for an apartment, potentially looking to move in the spring, unless a screamin’ deal permits this sooner. It’s time I lived on my own, and get the chance to let my life take off. I’m planning to stay in the area, but the future is unwritten. I’ll post more as time progresses.

– I want to take tons and tons of pictures, and start my business. Head on over tojohnbamberphoto.com and take a look. It’s time I start getting out there and snapping some photos. I’ve got the tools, and the passion, and now the opportunity.

– I turn 30 this year. 30. I’ve been alive for 30 years. Life is short, it’s time to have fun and do what I want to do, since (let’s face it) none of us are getting any younger. I wish that wasn’t the case, but what can one do? I haven’t perfected time travel… But once I do, I’ll let you all know.

So that’s a quick update. There’s more, but you’ll just have to stay tuned for the rest.

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

Over the past week or so, I’ve been noticing that my sleep patterns have adjusted, and I’m going to bed/waking up earlier than I used to be….I like it. As far as why this is happening, I have no idea, but whatever it is, it’s great.

For one thing, I know I don’t have any “commitments” to honor on World of Warcraft so I don’t need to be up super late…. I haven’t played in about a month now, maybe even longer, and it’s refreshing. I’m trying to stop thinking about that game so I can get it out of my mind entirely, and not be distracted by it.

The other benefit to being up this early, besides the additional hours of sunlight I get to enjoy, is it gives me some more time to do things before going to work, even on a day like today where I’m due in at 9am. It’s 8:09 right now, and I’ve already had breakfast, showered, and am just about ready to walk out the door. If one were to go back a month, I’d just be getting into the shower right now, having woken up only a few minutes before, and my breakfast options would be somewhat limited due to time.

I’ve also gotten back into tracking my food, thanks to a handy app on my iPhone. If you’re looking for an app to serve this purpose, I highly reccomend the Livestrong app, I think it’s a few bucks but well worth it. It’s a very intuitive interface for quickly adding foods, it also will track exercise and tell you how many calories you may have burned off for it, so you can track your daily caloric intake. I’ve done this once before, awhile back (tracking food), and it helped but for whatever reason I fell off the wagon. I’m back on now and going to keep at it, since I recall hearing positive feedback from those who noticed changes in my appearance.

The other really nice thing about being up this early, is it will give me gym time. Once I’m used to waking up this early, I can get into a daily workout routine in the mornings and get ready for the day. I want to switch my focus from changing my sleep times based on my work schedule. I’d like to be consistent (or close to consistent) with when I go to bed, and wake up, etc, so that way I can’t use my work schedule as an excuse not to work out. I went to the gym the other day and, while I didn’t do anything crazy, I still feel the effects of it and it’s not a “bad” soreness per se, but it’s a reminder not to give it up. Today’s schedule is a bit packed, so I wouldn’t be able to hit the gym til about 8 tonight, hence if I’d gone in the morning before work I’d have gotten it in before the busyness of the day had started.

I apologize for not having posted a blog recently, I definitely need to keep on this as well, I’ll post my thoughts and results on how my workout stuff is doing.

I found my source of motivation from stepping on the scale the other day. I’d fallen off the wagon for too long since I’d had my surgery, and I hadn’t put on nearly as much weight as I thought I did. At my worst, the day of the surgery, I was 392 lbs. Today, I’m still under 300, I plan never to eclipse the big 3 ever again. Keep your fingers crossed for me!