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One Of My Favorite Things About Cruising

One Of My Favorite Things About Cruising

It’s no secret that I love taking cruises; this year, I’ll have taken 3 and have 3 on tap for next year as well.  I put together this little video which is a nice peaceful indication of one of my many favorite things about cruising: The view, and the relaxing ambience of spending time on my balcony while out at sea.

The only sound heard is the wind blowing, and the water rushing by below against the hull of the ship. It’s truly serene.

Check out this video, but be sure to wear a nice set of headphones and enjoy in a darkened quiet room. If you’re like me, it’ll take you there…


No Caffeine: One Year Later

No Caffeine: One Year Later

Today marks a significant day in my journey that is life: It’s been a full year since I’ve drank anything with caffeine in it. I’m sure there were trace amounts of caffeine in some foods I’ve eaten, but what I’m referring to specifically are things like coffee and soda.

I haven’t had any coffee or any soda in a full year. Do I miss it? Not really.

Prior to having a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (gastric sleeve, or “the sleeve”), I used to drink a few cups of coffee a day, and would also need a few sodas to keep me going during throughout the day. Since stopping my intake of caffeine, I can tell life’s gotten better, especially getting a good night’s sleep. Even getting only 6 hours, I still feel rested and am able to get through my day naturally. By the time 10pm or so rolls around, I’m getting tired and ready for sleep. Around 7am, I’m ready to start my day. It’s a very nice feeling compared to needing various amounts of caffeine to get through my day, and not always having consistent sleep at night.

The only down side is I’ve gotten into drinking mostly water. Every now and then I may have some water, then for some variety, I drink water. If that’s the price I have to pay for what the last year’s been like as a result of quitting caffeine… I’m quite fine with it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get a nice tall glass of water.

I Fought The Hard Drive, And I Won

I Fought The Hard Drive, And I Won

OK, so I had this old PC from eons ago that I needed to discard. It was taking up space, it hadn’t been powered on in a good while, and it was time I kicked it to the curb. One thing: I had absolutely no clue what was on the hard drive. I don’t even have anything I could connect said drive to to test it, and potentially salvage anything. I also figured with the machine as old as it was it probably didn’t have anything worth salvaging on it anyway. But, with these times being what they are, I figured I should probably be safe and remove the drive from the computer before chucking it.

So, I did.

Great, now the computer’s gone, but I’ve still got this ancient hard drive. What to do, what to do… Well, I can’t use it so the only other thing to protect the data from the wrong hands, would be to destroy it.

Okay, so “how can I destroy this hard drive?” I thought to myself. My first thought (cue light bulb going on) – WATER!

So, I gave the hard drive a soapy bath! But, much to my dismay, after 15 minutes it looked no different than when it had gone in. No corrosion, no nothing.

Apparently, as I’d just learned by asking a few friends, hard drives are sealed so they are ostensibly waterproof. Certain restrictions may apply, individual results my vary, but for the most part, they’re sealed so nothing’s getting in or out of any kind of moisture. OH, KAY… Plan B?

Well, I didn’t have a magnet strong enough to screw it up, so I thought I’d take a screwdriver out and have at it. Maybe I can do some damage to the internals…and damage, I did. Oh boy did I.

To make a long story short, when all was said and done, I’d managed to disassemble the drive to access the inside. I severely mangled the platter, snapped the cable in half that connected the reader arm to the electronics inside, bent the reader arm 90-degrees upwards, and snapped the electronic reader element off of the end. I highly doubt anyone will be able to make any kind of sense of that drive now. Here’s a photo of what the platter looked like, before the “grand finale”:

I went outside with a hammer, gave it a few slams (using both the flat head and the crowbar-esque head), and after adding some nice dents in the drive I figured the drive had had enough. It was gone, and it was mildly fun getting it to that state. I’m not one who is crazily into destruction and mayhem, but a little here and there is perfectly healthy. I assure you I wasn’t holding the hammer and making any sinister laughs while writing that….or was I? Hehe…

The moral of the story, is this: If you get your computer wet, there’s a good chance your hard drive will be totally fine. Don’t get your computer wet, though because most of the rest of it won’t be as fine. If you bash the ever-loving shit out of your computer, your hard drive will most likely be fine, but you’ll be pretty foolish since no warranty on Earth would get your back. So, don’t bash your computer up… And finally: If you take apart your hard drive, scratch your name into the platter, disconnect everything and damn-near poke holes in the platter, you better pray your stuff is backed up, because you’re well up the creek, and I just sold your paddles on eBay.